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How I Got Here...

I am a community artist, organizer, and educator whose primary focus is in knowledge and equity expansion through accessible creative engagement. I have been working as an educator and programming/events coordinator for almost a decade, primarily in community arts based settings. After years in front line work, I now offer consultation and training on equity based practices that are crucial to those engaged in any kind of work striving for safer and welcoming environments. I have worked with a wide range of demographics from public community trainings, to non profit organizations, to businesses and educational institutions. I specialize in employee training, group trainings, service provider and user trainings, as well as policy building and accessibility audits.

Officially, I have a fine arts degree in Photography from OCAD University and a diploma from the Assaulted Women and Children Counselling and Advocacy program at George Brown College. I am a professionally trained facilitator, though I must give credit to all the grassroots community organizers, educators, healers, elders, makers, and land protectors who have taught me the majority of what I know about equity. I would not be able to do this work had they not paved the way and shared their wisdom with me. I am forever learning and growing as an individual and as an educator.

I am based in Montreal, Quebec, unceded territory of the Kahnawa:Ke Mohawk and Haudenosaunee First Nations. Outside of this work, I wear the hats of a musician, writer, and herbal medicine student.


Gender Equity & Accountability

Learn about transgender and trans spectrum identities. You or your team will be introduced to basic and important terminology, and learn how transgender people experience violence and systemic barriers by investigating stereotypes and learning important concepts such as transphobia and transmisogyny. Additionally, learn how to use your knowledge of gender equity to create inclusive work or play environments. 

Conflict De-escalation

Explore preventative approaches to conflict, as well as ways to handle conflict when it is unavoidable. My approach is to promote confidence and trust in our abilities to handle conflict by responding to it with intent and awareness rather than just reaction (or avoidance!). Learn practical strategies for a variety of situations where conflict may occur, as well as how to prepare your team for inevitable disagreements. 

Equity in Program Development & Event Planning

Perfect for coordinators, supervisors, directors, and all individuals/teams who are responsible for the creation and execution of program development. Explore the concepts of equity and diversity from a critical lens both theoretically and practically, and leave feeling more knowledgeable and confident about developing programming that is inclusive and accessible.

Equitable Facilitation & Leadership

We need more inclusive leaders! Learn how a strong equity focus and inclusivity mindset promotes stronger leadership and closer connections with our teams and communities. Applicable to any levels of engagement and open to any age, explore the principles of equity and what makes for strong communication, participation, and collaboration.     

One on One Consultation

I provide judgement free guidance and direction in approaches to equity and accessibility by the way of trainings, audits and material development. One on One or to your company's or organization's team, together we'll find the most beneficial method. Program and organizational visioning, planning, and development with the goal of increasing equity, visibility and accessibility are always my desired outcomes.

Training Customization for all Levels & Demographics

All trainings are tailored to the needs and services of organizations, collectives or businesses that are interested in fostering a culture of inclusion both in the workplace and to service users/clients. Topics can include but are not limited to: equity in the workplace, programming, policy, and event planning; team building, communication, and addressing power dynamics and discrimination. Trainings are also available to students, youth and children! It is never too early to start learning about equity and inclusivity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Equity Training?

Equity trainings provide a controlled and safe learning environment for people who wish to expand their knowledge of diversity. They provide learning opportunities and a closed space to ask questions and seek understanding. Many work environments are lacking in what many call diversity and sensitivity training, which means that employees and staff alike are witnessing, experiencing or enacting harmful behaviours, resulting in stressful or unsafe work environments for those affected or targeted. Often, this hurtful behaviour is not done on purpose, but because we might not be aware that our actions are rooted in harmful (otherwise known as oppressive) biases. Examples of this might be sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and many other isms. There are a vast array of ways in which these biases show up in our behaviours. Equity trainings are a starting point to help workers, students, service providers/users; anyone, really, to start examining these biases and work towards creating safer and more inclusive spaces.

Do you provide Anti-Racist Training?

All of my trainings use an intersectional analysis, which always includes discussing racism and how racialized people’s experiences intersect with other areas of oppression. However, I do not provide a training specifically on anti-racism because I think you should hire a person of colour to do this and pay them well! Need a recommendation?

Do you do Custom Training?

Each training has a basic skeleton of topics and activities, which can be modified to meet your group’s needs and goals. I will always do a quick intake with prospective participants to see what they are looking for, in order to ensure your group gets the most out of your training.

Do you offer Sliding Scale Rates?

I offer limited sliding scale spots for collectives, groups and organizations that do not receive major funding. To see if you apply,

What Accessibility Accommodations do you offer?

I’m always available to discuss how to make trainings more accessible for your group. Handouts and visuals can be provided at your request. Things like projections, note taking, American Sign Language and translation can be provided at an additional expense. I have lots of experience working with interpreters and conducting accessibility audits. All workshops that I offer to the public strive to be physically accessible.

How do I book a Training?

To book a training, simply contact me and let me know what you're looking for. The more details the better. Together we'll make sure to tailor a training suited to meet the needs of your group or team.


Ready to book a training or interested in learning more about myself or my process? Give me a shout and tell me a bit about your team and what you're looking for.

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